EL5053 Module 4 ACE Internship Proposal

This is a brief summary of the assignment attached I have a Rubric and a Template that you must follow to complete the assignment. Please open all attachment they are need to complete the assignment I am on a very strict deadline.

As you think back over the content and skills covered in this course, consider ideas which you might expand into an internship activity. Remember, your internship is a time of doing, a time of applying what you have learned in a real-world educational setting.

In this assignment, you will select, reflect on, and propose your best idea. After your instructor provides feedback and grades the internship proposal with your idea, you may implement the idea as a part of your internship provided your mentor has also approved this proposal. This can be accomplished now and then saved to upload into your internship course later, or you may wait until you are enrolled in the internship course. Some activities are time sensitive such as visiting a school board meeting or working on annual budgets.

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