Employment Law Report

Purpose of AssignmentThe purpose of this assignment is to increase learners’ comprehension of human resources management, laws governing employment, and trends shaping human resource management.In this assignment, you will discuss lessons learned about human capital and laws governing human capital. Please refer to the resources below to assist with the assignment.Assignment StepsResources: Human Resource Management: Ch. 2;Supplemental Resources Below.https://www.bls.govhttps://www.dol.gov/general/aboutdol/majorlawshttps://www.eeoc.gov/federal/Choose your organization or one you know well to use for this assignment.Use the U.S. Navy for the organization please.Develop a 1,050-word report including the following:Briefly describe the management of human capital in the organization.Describe three employment laws and the consequences of non-compliance.Assess how your organization might structure its policies, practices, and or culture to ensure compliance.Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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