ENG1101 Definition Essay On Success

Define one of the following abstract terms (empathy, happiness, success, depression, hope, American Dream) by explaining the basic definition, how the word is presented in media, and anecdotal examples showing what the word has meant in your own life.

Definition should present organized arguments about the meaning of the word in question. A good strategy would be to break down these definitions by different traits, spending a paragraph on each. Use the lessons from paper one, making sure to include concrete examples to support your abstract arguments. Give plenty of examples of each trait of each version of the definition.

Unlike your previous paper, this paper should include at least three cited quotes or paraphrases to support your thesis. As such, the use of (properly documented!) outside resources is allowed and encouraged. These citations can come from one to three sources. All outside sources must be of serious, reliable academic quality.

Thesis statements will need to be slightly adjusted for this essay from the last. An example of this: instead of “Because 1, 2, and 3, 4 is true” try “1, 2, and 3 best defines 4” or “The meaning of 4 can be best understood by considering 1, 2, and 3”).

Your essay should contain a thesis statement that gives me an idea of how you will back this point up and how your support will be organized throughout. It should also fulfill the other requirements of your rubric.

1200 words (two pages double spaced 12 point font). Please include your name, a title, the date, and your class hour at the top, as well as page numbers throughout.

And the original work is need. This essay is very important for me, so high quality should be guaranteed.

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