ENG302 Ethics in Communication essay

Students are required to write 6 pages in length, including a cover page, table of contents, and reference page. The paper must follow APA format and include appropriate headings and sub-headings and at least five scholarly citations(e.g., peer-reviewed articles, textbook, etc.). See the rubric for grading criteria. Suggested headings are listed below:

  • Abstract
  • Overview, Introduction, or Background
    • Summary of news or articles
  • Impact of Ethics in Communication
    • Relevance of the content toward ethics and communication
    • Consequences or impact to the subject, organization, and/or society
  • Importance of Ethics in Business
  • Discussion or Reflection
    • Implication of lesson learned
  • Conclusion
  • Reference
  • APA Rubric

    Meets Expectations
    Followed APA style and Paper Structure
    Adhered to all guidelines. Clear purpose, format and main points. Excellent work!
    Adhered to most of guidelines. Acceptable purpose, format and main points.
    Adhered to over half of guidelines. Includes part of purpose, format and main points.
    Adhered to half or less of guidelines. Lacked purpose, format and main points.
    Quality of Research
    Presented excellent context and organization. Excels at all criteria. Clearly describes all objectives. Correctly addresses the audience. Outstanding!
    Presented good context and organization. Adheres to all criteria. Acceptably describes all objectives and addresses the audience.
    Presented over half context and organization. Adheres to over half of criteria. Clearly describes over half of the objectives. Recognizes the audience.
    Lacked context and criteria. Vague objectives. Addresses no particular audience.
    Writing Style and Quality
    Presented excellent sentence structure, easy to follow, professional writing style, and concise. Excellent work!
    Good overall sentence structure, acceptable to follow, appropriate writing style.
    Over half of paper has solid sentence structure, acceptable to follow, appropriate writing style.
    Lacked sentence structure, difficult to follow, and inappropriate writing style.
    Content and Organization
    Presented excellent vocabulary, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and proofreading. Outstanding!
    Some errors with vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation.
    Over half of paper has solid vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    Lacked writing quality of a Baccalaureate level. Too many errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    Cumulative points
    135 – 150 Points
    Meets Expectations
    120 – 134 Points
    105 – 119 Points
    90 – 104 Points

    I have to submit the paper through turnitin

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