environmental essay

prepare a 3-page, written paper (Arial font, 1.5 line-spacing, with 0.5 margins, citations in APA format)  addressing the bullets points below:·         A brief overview of the environmental science news item.·         A critical analysis of the news item topic:o   What are the connections between what you are learning in class and the news article topic? (take a look at the powerpoint slides that i uploaded to connect the ideas tween the article and the class material.)o   What environmental policy is associated with this topic?o   What controversies do you foresee related to this topic?o   What are your personal opinions/reflections about the news topic?this the article:https://news.mongabay.com/2016/08/why-did-millions-of-fish-turn-up-dead-in-indonesias-giant-lake-toba/I need a quality and free plagiarism  work.

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