Environmental health

Answer the following questions. Each response should be approximately400-600 words. Be sure to clearly demonstrate your understanding of the material. Use the rubric as a guide. (it’s uploaded) I uploaded the book too.What are the some of the direct and indirect effects of climate change, what makes it such a difficult problem to solve, and is it an environmental justice issue? 15ptsEnergy is important, why is it important to discuss in issues of human health? Why might it be important to discuss with environmental ethics/justice. 15ptsPesticides are unique in that they are poisons we put in the environment on purpose. Why do we use them despite their risks? What do we have in place (or not have in place) to properly protect people and the environment? 15 ptsIs clean air/water/waste disposal an environmental justice issue? Explain? 10 ptsWhy did we discuss “There is something in the water”. How does this relate to other topics in this unit? 10 ptsMitigation and adaptation are important for pollution. Describe strategies for climate change, air, water pollution, and hazardous waste. Of mitigation vs. adaptation which is the better choice? Why? 15 ptsCompare and contrast the different ways we regulate pollution in the US? What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? 10 ptsBased on what you have learned in this course thus far, do you think we are doing a good job of maintaining the three-legged stool? Provide specific examples. 10 pts

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