environmental health and fresh water systems topics to write on

hink about the many topics we have covered this semester. Briefly reflect on some of these topics and how they have influenced your decisions on a daily basis.The graded elements in this discussion board are as follows:List at least 2 topics you have learned about this semester. (5 pts)Reflect on those 2 topics by discussing what you knew about them before the class and what you know now. (7.5 pts)How has learning about those 2 topics changed your decisions or your lifestyle choices if at all? (7.5 pts)You have to make a post in order to see posts. You don’t have to comment on someone else’s post but it is encouraged. This discussion board is worth 20 pts . Thank you all so much for participating in the discussion boards. It has been very fulfilling to see how much each of you have learned.

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