Environmental History Paper

Please write an organized essay of about 1,000 words, using plenty of evidence from this course only, that answers ONE of the following questions per the instructions in the midterms to use as many of the total readings as possible in a cohesive essay.a) After World War II, ecology gained a reputation for being a “subversive science.” Was this reputation justified? Defend your view using specific historical examplesb) Pick a viewpoint that you had about the natural environment before taking this class, and write an essay disagreeing with it. Formulate a strong thesis in opposition to your prior view, and support it with specific historical examples.c) “Environmentalism is a rich man’s game.” Evaluate this sentiment and agree or disagree with it, using historical evidence to substantiate your claim.Attached reading would be helpful and inspired for you to write this paper. Please provide all the work cited.

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