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environment sourceRespond to one of the two prompts.  Submit your answer to BOTH this Quiz AND the Unit I Essay Assignment upload for your question (Unit I Essay / Question AorUnit I Essay / Question D), which you can access from the embedded links or from theMT Module.Unit I Essay / Question A. Colonial farming practices led to declining soil quality and productivity in colonial New England agriculture.  This process can be understood in terms of the market-oriented mode of production undermining the ecological bases of production, and precipitating a “crisis of reproduction” that farmers sought to resolve through a number of means described in lecture.  Explain why the concept of a “crisis of reproduction” does or does not provide a useful means for understanding the social and environmental impact and/or recovery efforts associated with Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and southeastern Louisiana.   Use at least one example from lecture or readings to illustrate your point.Unit I Essay / Question D.  Compare the water management infrastructure and associated patterns of racially differentiated risk in New Orleans and southeastern Louisiana before and after Hurricane Katrina using any key concepts (e.g., instrumentalist versus intersubjective; Worster’s framework; technocratic hubris, resilience, structural racism, etc.) that you consider appropriate for constructive comparison.

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