Fire simulation case study

Review the following NIST technical note and video below:National Institute of Standards and Technology. (2014). Simulation of an attic fire in a wood frame residential structure – Chicago, IL (NIST Technical Note 1838). Retrieved from Institute of Standards and Technology. (2014, December 2). Simulation of an attic fire in a wood frame residential structure—Chicago [Video file]. Retrieved from sure to include the following in your case study:• Examine the applicable building codes for this structure.• How were they developed?• Were they developed locally?• Were they modified or adopted?• If modified, how so?• Analyze the tests conducted on materials found in the structure.• What types of materials were used in the construction of the house?• What were the results?• What were the lessons learned?Your case study response should be two to four pages in length and follow APA guidelines. Make sure to use the textbook and at least one additional scholarly reference from the CSU Online Library to support your response.

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