Gartner article.

The Gartner article, “Use Business Process Modeling to Visualize and Bring Clarity to Requirements Analysis”, describes a scenario where the company avoided requirements gathering and documentation, feeling the requirements documents were useless, incomplete, and inaccurate, causing more work for developers in the end, with little utility. If you’ve been involved in a project at work where a similar anti-requirements mind set played out to non-optimal results, including project failure, please share your experiences with the class. Some things to consider when reflecting on your tale: did you feel during the process that “if only…” regret in terms of any requirements gathering? Did anyone during or after the project point to a lack of requirements as a problem? Feel free to use Dilbert cartoons to reinforce any real-world stories. Even though this is a short topic question, please do make sure to write at least 250 words.

I uploaded the article below

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