Hand washing

Purpose: Effective hand hygiene to reduce the incidence of healthcare-associated infectionsPolicy: All members of the healthcare team will comply with current CDC hand hygiene guidelines. Procedure Indications for HandwashingIndications for HandwashingWash hands when hands are visibly dirty.Wash hands using antimicrobial soap and water before eating and after using a restroom.Handwashing may also be used for routinely decontaminating hands in the following clinical situations:Before having direct contact with patientsAfter contact with inanimate objects (including medical equipment) in the immediate vicinity of the patientAfter removing glovesyou will respond to the following promptsHow well does this policy align with the current hand hygiene standards based on the CDC recommendations for hand hygiene in healthcare settings? Describe the areas of alignment and opportunities for improvement.Based on your analysis, what modifications would you recommend to the policy?According to the CDC guidelines and resources for hand hygiene and the state policy options associated withEliminating Healthcare Associated Infections, provide a brief discussion of what you must consider with regard to training your staff and documenting the impact by measuring hand hygiene practices.Now, review theGuidelines for Policy and Procedure Development, and write the policy based on your recommendations and what you found in the CDC guidelines. Submit the revised policyAny changes remitted from the CDC policy should be defendedBe sure to cite properly and provide two scholarly resources to support

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