Houses of Worship within Driving Distance

ZOOMHOUSES of WORSHIPwithinDriving Distanceof your Residence or Job Site1a-Student’s Name:1b-Town or Cityof Residence or Work:1c-County:1d-State: 1e-Postal/Zip Code:2-ChabadJewishSynagogue/Shul/Bayit Knesset:2a-Name of Congregation:2b-Address:2c-Telephone Numbers:2d-Email Address:2e-Website Address:3-Orthodoxor Eastern ChristianChurch:3a-Name of Congregation:3b-Address:3c-Telephone Numbers:3d-Email Address:3e-Website Address:4-Ahmadiyyaor Sufi/TasawwufIslamic Masjid/Mosque:4a-Name of Congregation:4b-Address:4c-Telephone Numbers:4d-Email Address:4e-Website Address:5-HinduMandir or Temple:5a-Name of Congregation:5b-Address:5c-Telephone Numbers:5d-Email Address:5e-Website Address:6-Buddhist(or Falun Gong or Falun Dafa)Temple or Meditation Hall:6a-Name of Congregation:6b-Address:6c-Telephone Numbers:6d-Email Address:6e-Website Address:7-SikhGurdwara:7a-Name of Congregation:7b-Address:7c-Telephone Numbers:7d-Email Address:7e-Website Address:

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