How solar energy is the next big thing

The term paper would be about how solar energy is going to be the next best energy source, everything will run based on solar power. it will dive into many examples and also the many uses of energy source.Assignment ContentINSTRUCTIONSLength: No more than 10 pages with 1.5 spacing [ minimum should not be less than 5 pages] including everything (bibliography, tables, figures, and table of contents)Resources: Find your own references (articles, reports, blogs) and write a review paper.SUGGESTED STRUCTURE OF YOUR TERM PAPER1.Title and Author2.Abstract (~300 words): Briefly describe the objectives, the principle findings and major conclusions, as well as your comments. An abstract is often presented separately from the main article, so it must be able to stand alone.3.Introduction (~800 words): Provide background information and state the purpose for the review.4.Results/ findings (~1500 words): Describe the major research findings along with methodologies and data.5.Discussion (~800 words): Provide your own comments, thoughts and ideas regarding the significance of the research. Mostly your understanding.6.Conclusion (~400 words): Provide the summary of the research, limitations and your final comment.7.References: at least 10 references[any format of referencing including APA, MLA, is acceptable

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