How to make aResume


The purpose of this assignment is for you to familiarize yourself with various formats of resumes and then to develop your own resume for your future professional career in early childhood care, education, and/or administration. You will first be asked to research the Internet for various examples of effective and well-developed resumes. Next, you will choose a format that you feel works best for you based on your professional career path. As with all of our assignments in this class, please consider using your work here in your own professional career portfolio.

Planning the Resume

Research the Internet for information about the characteristics of an effective resume. Try to limit your search to relevant, professional sources. These include university department Websites or early childhood organization Websites.

As you research, find answers to the following questions as they pertain to early childhood careers:

  • What information do I include in my resume?
  • What font or style should I use?
  • In what order should I present my information?
  • How long should my resume be?

Next, search the Internet for examples of resumes that were written by professionals in your field. When you find resumes that appeal to you, ask yourself why you think they are appealing. Use a combination of these characteristics to help you create an attractive and professional resume.

To get relevant results to the early childhood field, try including combinations of the following key words in your search:

  • resume
  • sample, example, template or model
  • early childhood
  • curriculum
  • teacher
  • administrator
  • effective
  • professional

Again, try and limit your search to relevant and professional sources, such as university department Websites or early childhood organization websites.

Drafting the Resume

Once your research is complete, you should have a good idea of what you want the format of your resume to look like. The next step is to fill in all the necessary and important information and complete your resume. You might need to brainstorm or get in touch with individuals from your past experiences to make the resume complete. Your resume should be written in a way that is relevant to the next professional position you would like to obtain. You should ask the director for feedback on your resume as you develop your final draft.

To successfully complete the Resume assignment:

  • Become familiar with characteristics of effective resumes used by professionals in your field.
  • Choose a format for your resume.
  • Gather all your necessary information to complete your resume.
  • Ask for and incorporate feedback.
  • Complete your resume.
  • Submit your resume to your instructor.
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