HRD Comprehensive Exam Questions

1. As one of the top HR people at your organization, you are being asked to lead a Reduction In Force (RIF) project which will eliminate 25% of the workforce across multiple company US locations. Describe the steps and project plan in-depth including some of the project challenges and how you might overcome them.2. You are negotiating an offer with a mid-career Systems Engineering candidate that your organization really wants, but your start up organization can’t afford to pay what he/she is currently earning. The market salary for the role is typically between $60 – $80K and the candidate is currently working for a much larger organization at $85K. The position has been open for over 3 months and the business manager has turned down candidate after candidate and only agrees to meet with candidates who are overqualified. Describe your strategy and preparation for the conversation with the candidate as well as the business manager. You had originally had some reservations about presenting this candidate and now the business line is counting on you to close the deal.3. As you consider High Performance Work Systems (HPWS), how does aligning people, technology, and organizational design create optimal business results? Be specific in discussing expected outcomes and results when creating a High Performing Organization (HPO).

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