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There are numerous professionals within the health care industry. It is imperative that organizations hire the right people for the right job and remove employees when the situation requires it. For this assignment, respond to the following in5–6 written pages:

1.Identify 4 types of health care professionals found in a typical acute-care hospital. Be sure to describe educational levels and credentialing requirements of the professions you discuss.

2.Explain why it is important for organizations to effectively screen potential employees.

3.Discuss the concept of progressive discipline and the importance of effective termination procedures.

Your assignment should be5–6 written pages, excluding cover page, abstract page(2-3 paragraphs), and reference page.

Note: Use APA style tocite at least 5 scholarly sourcesfrom the last 5 years.


Analyze legal, ethical and economic factors that affect management of human resource in the healthcare

Evaluate factors affecting the lifecycle of the employee including recruitment, retention, compensation, and performance evaluation

Due by 5:00pm EST on 2/22/2016

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