HSM470 CSU Global Quantitative Research Fact Sheet

Locate an online report or poll that uses a quantitative study within human services and/or the social sciences. Examples of topics could be the impact of poverty on youth education, experiences of homeless women, or veterans’ access to mental health services. Pick a topic within the field that interests you.

You will prepare a fact sheet that focuses on the article you select. Answer the following questions:

  1. What is/are the research question(s) being asked in the study?
  2. Who is the target population?
  3. What measurement tools are being used; what specifics are given regarding the methodology?
  4. What did the results show or not show?
  5. How is this applicable to something within the human services field?

Your fact sheet should contain 1-2 page(s) of content and conform to APA guideliness. In addition, you must create your own image (chart or graph) that aligns with a portion of the content. The fact sheet does not require APA in-text citations, but a reference list should be included that provides all of the citation information for the article. The reference sheet is not included in the page count. Include at least two scholarly references in addition.
If you are not familiar with developing a fact sheet, please review the following information:


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