HUMN100 University of Maryland Week 4 Velveteen Rabbit Literary Analysis

WEEK 4 DISCUSSION 4.1: Literature ToolboxDiscussion Topic

First, read through the links for the three key tools for interpretation from the week’s materials. Start with the Literary Analysis link. As you read, consider:

  1. Literary voices and writing styles.
  2. Literary terms: these are the building blocks of interpretation.

Now, define three concepts, terms, theories, forms of language etc. you can use to interpret literature. Make sure at least one is from the Literary Analysis link. Use your own words. Do not copy and paste from sources. Make sure to cite the Learning Resources above you use. Do not use outside sources.

You will not see any other postings until you post your own. If you would like to make changes, respond to your post. Do not edit posts or post blank posts.

Initial discussion posts are due by Thursday at 11:30PM ET. You are not required to but are welcome to respond to other postings. You will also be working on Discussion 4.2 this week. Discussion closes shortly after due date/time.

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