On the InventoryAudit worksheet in cell D3, create a formula to determine the total quantity sold within the category in cell B1. Enter a SUMIF function nested in an IF function to determine if B3 has a value. If B3 has a value, then you will sum the Trans_Sold if the Trans_Item meets the criteria in B3. If B3 does not have a value, then the cell is left blank.

Select range B3:D3 and then double-click the fill handle to copy the three formulas down through cell range B4:D17.

Rows 7 through 17 will be blank because the Indirect function is referring to the named range for the value in cell B1, “message” The Massage name range only contains fthe four items. To test your formula, type Golf in cell B1 and then view the results. Type Message in cell B1

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