Identify the assumptions of external adaption issues, communications homework help

discussion 1.pdf discussion 2.pdf discussion 3.pdf discussion 4.pdf discussion 5.pdf discussion 6.pdf Hello agnes. I have a discussion board questions i need help with. I don’t need long answers just answer what the question says. I’ve uploaded pages from the book to help you. In ch. 5 and ch. 6 you can paraphrase the answer from the book. the questions require to identify the assumptions so write the assumptions from the book and make a paraphrase for their definitions. and these are the questions.

Chapter 5

Identify the assumptions of external adaption issues.

Chapter 6

Identify the Problems of Internal Integration.

Chapter 7:

Reality can exist at the physical, group, and individual levels, explain the difference between them ?

In England’s study of managerial values, he found that managers in different countries tended to be either pragmatic or moralistic. Define each and explain which one you believe is more effective and why.

please if you have any question let me know.

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