introduction to criminal justice

Ricky Bobby Smith is a male/white/24 years old and is a suspect in an armed robbery of a local gas station.  During the robbery, no one was injured, but the victim, Sally Mae Rickets was severely traumatized. The local police department has Probable Cause to arrest him for the armed robbery charge.

Ricky Bobby Smith has a undiagnosed history of mild mental illness, an arrest and conviction record which includes two (2) separate counts of misdemeanor Battery, one (1) count of Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) and Driving While Suspended, a felony conviction for Burglary to a business and Theft.

Ricky Bobby Smith was on probation for the battery charges when he was arrested for the OWI and DWS.  He was then placed on Electronic Monitoring – House Arrest.  Ricky Bobby Smith was then arrested for the Felony Theft and Burglary charges.  He was sentenced to (10) years on prison and was released after four (4) years of time served. He is currently on parole.


Write a 3 to 4 page paper in which you explain Ricky Bobby Smith’s potential journey through criminal justice system.  You are to cover at least six steps in the system. These steps need to include at least one (1) step in each of the major three parts of the system (law enforcement, courts, corrections). Start with the probable cause for arrest on the Armed Robbery charge.  Each step in the system will require citation(s) from the text book. The paper needs to be complete in APA format and must include a reference page for any sources. 

This paper is wide open in terms of content.  I expect that you demonstrate knowledge of each step that you choose to cover.  Spelling and grammar count.  Hint: Do not wait until the end of class to write the paper, but begin the first week and the paper will write itself as you work through this course. The illustration inside the front cover of the book may be useful to serve as a visual guide.

This paper is to be double-spaced and submitted in Times New Roman #12 Font.

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