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No length,just answer the following:

The following questions describe some likely situations that you would encounter in this position. Please describe how you would handle each situation.

  1. A citizen comes into the office to purchase a dog park tag for the dog park. They don’t have their required vaccinations records with them. They become upset because they have come to the office during their lunch break, and feel that they have wasted their time. The citizen tells you that their vaccinations are still up to date, and they just turned them in a couple months ago for a canine recreation program. How do you assist this customer?
  2. Someone calls for information, but only speaks Spanish. The two Spanish-speaking staff members are out of the office at the moment. How would you assist the citizen?
  3. A citizen comes in to register their child for summer camp. You complete the registration. After the citizen leaves you realize that you have charged them the City resident rate, but they aren’t City residents. What would you do?
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