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Chapter 16 discusses Juvenile Corrections and alternative sentencing for juvenile offenders. Read chapter 16 and review the following video and share your thoughts on the value of alternative sentencing for youthful offenders.

Watch VideoHornberger Advice: Juvenile Offenders Need Alternatives to Prisons

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After reading Chapter 16, I agree that some juveniles should have the chance to an alternative sentencing depending on the situation. Some juveniles don’t deserve an alternative sentencing when they continue to commit a crime. If someone murders someone, I believe there should not be an alternative because you are taking someone’s life. I also believe that parents, family members and other relatives and friends play an important part in kids lives, teaching them values of life and disciplining them at an early age will assist with keeping them on track. Most of the time now, kids are only doing what they see adults doing and thinking that it is ok. It is important for adults to be great role models and trying to lead all kids in the right direction. There is a huge amount of the juvenile population that is exposed to a lot of bad habits at an early age. I would say that alternative plans should apply to only first time offenders and nothing that involves murder, armed robbery, and various assaults.

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