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In the following video “Dealing with the Media/Recognizing Media Tricks” from the “In the Line of Duty” series, you will see in detail some events that have drawn national news coverage such as the Lindberg-baby kidnapping, the D.C. snipers, and the crash of TWA Flight 800. All of these events became high profile situations with intense media attention. The media focus becomes the reaction of law enforcement to the criminal circumstances and to the persistence of the news reporters who seek definitive answers with a quick solution.

Based on the video and any additional research sources you choose to include, write a paper in APA format using proper spelling and grammar. Your paper should be a minimum of 1 page in length and should address the following:

  1. Describe the challenges that law enforcement faces when dealing with the media.
  2. What alternatives might law enforcement officers have for responding effectively when dealing with the media?


Please refer to Rasmussen’s APA Guide located on the Resources for information regarding APA format as well as APA referencing and citation procedures.

The expectation is that you spend approximately 3 hours researching for, thinking about, writing, and revising your paper for final submission.

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