Leader in Action 3

Directions: Read the Leader in Action Leadership Coca-Cola and Nestle Waters Protects Freshwater Supplies on p. 194-195 and respond/analyze the following questions:

1. To what extent should business leaders take positive actions to improve the world’s freshwater supply?

2. To what extent do you think Coca-Cola and Nestle Waters are simply engaging in a public relations gimmick in their efforts to improve the quality of local water supplies?

3. What specific benefits might come back to Coca-Cola and Nestle Waters from their investments of resources in producing potable water?

4. Has the information presented about the Coca-Cola and Nestle companies influenced whether or not you will purchase any of their products? If so, why?

Complete the analysis of these questions with sufficient evidence from DuBrin and your thoughts to thoroughly discuss the leadership style of this leader.

To submit: Label the assignment:

Leader in Action p.

Your name

You do not need a title page. However, you must include support from DuBrin to support your responses, indicated by an intext citations. Please number each question and include a minimum of 1 intext citation per question response. If you happen to apply other sources–please list your additional sources at the end of the assignment.

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