Loyola University Chicago Community Needs Assessment Reflection

There will be 3-4 articles to read or skim through. Some of them are attached and there are links provided for others at the bottom of the page. As long as it is shown that the readings were completed by answering the questions below there is not a need to read ALL of the content in each article. The assignment is respond to those articles with the directions below:

Pick 2 of the articles and do the following:

These Reading Reflections should be 2-pages in length, double-spaced using Times New Roman font, and demonstrate the student’s efforts to integrate the readings with his or her own thoughts and observations as to how the readings pertain to the practice of social work.

In preparing your Refection Papers, do not summarize the readings, instead:

Describe both your intellectual and emotional reactions to the content;

Analyze why you think you had these reactions to the content;

Relate the content to previous course readings, your other courses, your field placement and/or life experiences, and the multiple aspects of social work practice; and

Reflect on questions/critiques of the readings that challenge us to think deeply about the content.


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