Measuring Outcomes in Therapy Discussion Questions

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1. Measuring Outcomes in Therapy – W1

Why is it important to measure outcomes in therapy? Explain at least two outcome measures you might use, and discuss how you would use them.

2. Cultural and Ethical Considerations – W1

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  • How can you apply what you have learned in the readings regarding cultural and ethical considerations to the area of assessment and diagnosis? Consider the following:
    • Why do you need to consider culture when giving assessments?
    • What cultural norms can you think of that may affect the client’s assessment experience or results?
    • What cultural considerations might you have to make to support clients?
    • Talk about your own culture and how that may affect your assessment of clients.
  • Review the AAMFT Code of Ethics at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
    • What ethical codes did you notice were applicable to the area of diagnosis and assessment
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