Methods for Scientific Inquiry

Groups: Three to four students will be randomly assigned to each group for the Week 5 Assignment 1:Group 1 – Survey ResearchGroup 2 – Experimental ResearchGroup 3 – Correlational ResearchGroup 4 – Case StudyGroup 5 – Phenomenology…………………………………………………I am Group 5Group 6 – EthnographyGroup 7 – Grounded TheoryGroup 8 – Focus GroupsGroup 9 – Mixed Methods (exploratory or explanatory)Please My group Is Group 5 …PhenomenologyWork with your group to finalize an eight to ten slide (length does not include the cover or references slides) PowerPoint presentation with references about your group’s assigned research method: PhenomenologyDescription of the research method.Describe whether it is qualitative or quantitative, or both, and why.What are the steps to using this method? Explain in detail.Provide an example of one study where it has been used. Summarize the study and how it used your group’s assigned research method.Identification of challenges and limitations of this method.

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