MGMT 524 Management Science (Quantitative Analysis for Management)

Submit Individual Research Project Topic Proposal

My research project topic proposal will be on “how technology can help create a better U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs”. I will focus on modern techniques proposal that will improve Veterans Affairs (VA) during 21st Century. I will try to focus on the mission of the VA, and the professionalism and protection of Veterans’ rights. I hope to narrow some of challenges that faces the VA.

Examine a problem or issue through the lens of Quantitative Analysis. This means that you must choose a project that is very specific, focused, and one on which you have a grasp of the inputs, process, and outputs. It would be beneficial if you could work with a specific issue in your workplace, as it moves the theory to practice, and you can improve your work life by applying the lessons from this course.  

Research Paper Guide

Paper will be approximately 10-20 pages in length, formatted in current APA format, include tables and/or figures, and have the following headings: 

·  Introduction: A brief section that describes the symptom that you noticed, and provides readers with an understanding of the process.

·  Description of Problem:

·  Methodology:

·  Data collection:  

·  Data Analysis:  

·  Recommendations: Your interpretation of the analysis; provides readers with your ideas of your next logical steps. This could be a formal presentation to your boss, or perhaps a team meeting to highlight the issue, or so forth.

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