Minor Project Fiscal Environment of The European Union

inor ProjectThe Minor Project invites you to create an individual analysis of the legal and political environment for corporate finance, within the European Union. Specifically, your paper should address the risks posed to investing by the current legal and political environment in the EU.

Step 1: Introduce the fiscal environment of the European Union

Step 2: Discuss key legal and political changes: Brexit, the status of the ECB, the political changes in Eastern Europe (to include corruption and polarization of political opinion)

Step 3: Discuss the risks posed by the environment to investingand capital flows (such ascapital repatriation)

Step 4: The Minor Project should be limited to approximately 4-5 pages. Unlike the Final Project, the Minor Project should pinpoint key risk factors, without delving deeply into any one particular factor.

The Minor Project will be 45 pages in length and will reference a minimum of 3 sources, excluding the course textbook.

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