Outline Assignment

The purpose of the outline assignment is to provide an overview of your course project. Your outline provides the instructor insight for the appropriateness of your chosen topic and supporting material. It gives the instructor the opportunity to provide feedback and direction on the final paper before it is due. Feedback is given to provide direction for areas that may need improvement, clarification, or additional support. It is corrective and directive in nature.

Your outline must contain sufficient detail on which to base feedback and should:

  1. Begin with a clear thesis statement, problem statement, or research question. Your outline must be related to your multiculturalism project
  2. Explain the main points to be developed in the paper and tie them to the project objectives. Your outline must include a description of each major point and how each directly relates to the stated thesis statement, problem statement, or research question.
  3. Include a description of each supporting point and how each directly relates to the major point as well as the thesis statement, problem statement, or research question. The points listed in the outline must relate directly to your topic.
  4. Identify where each supporting reference will be integrated. There must be at least one reference to support each major point of the paper. You must also indicate the specific references included in your annotated bibliography that are used to support each main point of the final paper. Your course texts cannot be used as primary sources and cannot be listed as part of the 15 reference requirements. You may use the texts as auxiliary resources and list them in addition to the minimum required references.
  5. Apply APA sixth edition style to the in-text citations and list of references.
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