Persuasive speech

In this speech, you will share and substantiate your perspective about an idea or an issue of social importance.

Is there a specific cause or issue you support/follow? (i.e.environment, world affairs, human rights, etc.)

You will highlight a particular issue or controversy that affects us on a national or international scale.

You will also take a stand on this issue and invite your audience to act, change their mind about, or better understand this topic.

You are required to use refutation organizational pattern for your speech.

This speech is your opportunity to utilize the combination of skills and experience you have acquired throughout the semester

This speech is also a chance for you to develop a better understanding of and find support for your attitudes, values and beliefs. In all, this presentation is your opportunity to experience first-hand how change occurs in society–through the voice of individuals. For College level research, you are required to use peer-reviewed research journals and publications for your speech. Sources found within academic databases like EBSCO or Project Muse, for example, often are likely to be highly credible sources.


1.Clear thesis: What is your perspective/argument?

2.Introduction: attention-getter, thesis statement, preview.

3.Body: Clear, consistent organization of main and sub-points, illustrated conceptsthrough clear examples, identified concepts appropriate to the situation/context, clearly supported your primary argument.

4.Conclusion: signal end of speech, summarize main points decisive close

.5.Supporting materials: include a minimum of three academic source citations throughout your speech. Support each main point with a variety of supporting material: examples, statistics, testimony, narratives, definitions, audio-visual aids, etc.

6.Quality of argument: Rational? Logical? Compelling?

7.Outline: Typed, proofread formal outline.

8.Bibliography:minimum.3 academic sources, typed, APAor MLAstyle..


Important: A good idea, it matters, it is interesting to you, and you see it as good and just for yourself and for others.

Cogent: A good argument, invitational, evidence based, a clear and warranted claim.

Clear: Easy to follow, well organized, appropriately

signposted, complete.

Well presented: Conversational, interactive, articulate, respectful.


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