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Persuasive Idea Paper

For this paper, identify the exigency and solution that your team will address in its public campaign. In this assignment, you report on an analysis of the problem/need you intend to address in your persuasive message, and explore the solution you wish to give to address it. Using at least 3 professional sources (no wikis, dictionaries, or blogs), discuss the existence, magnitude, and urgency of the problem, as well as how the solution will address it.

Exigency (use at least 3 sources)

•What is the problem/need you want to address?

•What is the existence argument?

•Do you have some evidence now to back this up?

•What is the magnitude argument?

•Do you have some evidence now to back this up?

•What is the urgency argument?

•Do you have some evidence now to back this up?


•What solution(s) do you propose to address the exigency?

•Be as specific as possible about what action you want your classmates to do.

The paper should be 750-1250 words and must include a reference list. The font type and size should be professional, but as I am focusing on word count, I will not require specific font type, size, margins or spacing. Use APA or MLA style for in-text citations and the reference list.


Buddy, the topic I chose is that free education for college students or you adults.

So please find 3 resources and do all of the above, I have attached how power point which will help you as working. Please use them and cite them, use the slide pages in the citation

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