Population Sampling

Prepare: Populations sampling is a core research method used in ecological and environmental management. Understanding population size and tracking changes over time allow researchers to evaluate population dynamics and viability, which are both critical in population management.Review: After reading this week’s assigned materials, view the following videos to learn about some methods used to estimate population size. As you watch both videos, consider which methods are best suited to sensitive populations, large populations, migrating populations, and populations that are difficult to measure. Reflect on what each method has to offer in order to best determine when and how a population sampling method should be used.Write: Your post will be based on the alphabetical order of your last names and should be between 250-300 words.If your last name begins with the letters A through L, then review the video on buttercup sampling. Describe the research questions asked by the student scientists and which methods were used to address the question. Explain whether the student researchers use a random or systematic sampling approach. In their study, do you think one approach is better than the other? Why or why not? Develop your post using two scholarly or credible sources in addition to your textbook.What’s up, Buttercup? Population Sampling Techniques (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.ATTCHED ARE THE RESOURCES THAT WILL GREATLY HELP WILL THIS ASSIGNMENT !!! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO USE THEM. MUST USE TWO (2) RESOURCES PLUS THE TEXT BOOK FOR A TOTAL OF THREE (3) RESOURCES. THE CHAPTERS FROM THE TEXT THIS WEEK ARE ATTCHED. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO HAVE IT ON TIME AND DONE RIGHT THAT MEANS FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS ASKED FOR!!!!!.

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