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Partial Draft

Topic is Ethical issue in criminal justice Juvenile system begin developing your white paper. The Partial Draft of the white paper comprises the following sections:

  • II. Definition of Need (3 to 5 pages)

    1. Define the problem or need related to public safety. This problem or need should be related to your specific discipline (criminal justice, homeland security, or emergency management).
    2. Describe the significance of the problem or need related to public safety.
    3. Describe how the problem or need manifests itself. In other words, what are the symptoms that occur (the public safety incidents) because of the problem or need?
    4. Evaluate impact of multiculturalism and diversity within the context of the needs analysis.
    Relationship to Competencies and Scoring Guide Criteria

    In addition to demonstrating your ability to think critically about public safety issues, and communicate effectively, this section demonstrates your ability to manage causes and threats to public safety and to evaluate the impact of multiculturalism and diversity on the public safety discipline.

    III. Proposed Solution (4 to 6 pages)

    1. Outline your solutions to the problem or need.
    2. Describe how, when, and with what resources the solutions will or should be implemented.
    3. Describe in detail the methodology to be implemented in the solution of the problem.
    4. Evaluate impact of multiculturalism and diversity and incorporate related considerations into the proposed solution.

Include a title page and a reference list of any references cited in the partial draft.

Refer to the White Paper Structure for a detailed description of what to include in each section of your white paper.

White Paper Presentation

Prepare a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint presentation that educates your audience on key elements of the topic of your white paper, focusing particularly on associated issues of multiculturalism and diversity.

Summarize the key points of your white paper (5–10 slides):

  • Introduce the topic to be covered.
  • Define why the issue is a problem or need related to public safety.
  • Describe how you would address the problem; what is your solution?
  • Including personnel, define the resources that will be needed to implement your solution.
  • Explain how your proposed solution would benefit public safety.
  • Describe how your solution will be evaluated.

Demonstrate how you have integrated considerations associated with multiculturalism and diversity into your white paper (5 slides):

  • Evaluate the impact of multiculturalism and diversity on the public safety discipline in general, and on your need or issue in particular.
  • Describe how you integrated considerations of multiculturalism and diversity into your proposed solution. Be sure to consider issues of public communication in this section.

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