research project ( Electronic commerce and its impact on the accounting)

Research Title: Electronic commerce and its impact on the Accounting

  • Country: Sultanate of Oman
  • The research to focus on Electronic commerce in Oman and others countries as international .
  • The research to cover the following:-
  • benefits, Challenges, problems, negatives and your own solutions
  • Graphs & Charts to be incorporated into the research to support it.

BOX (1): A Typical Research Contents Layout

  • Title (topic)
  • Acknowledgments
  • Abstract
  • Chapter 1: General Framework
    • Introduction
    • Rational of the study
    • Objectives of the study
    • Methodology
    • Structure of the study

  • Chapter 2: Literature Review
  • Chapter 3: Methodology
  • Chapter 4: Findings & Discussion
  • Chapter 5: Conclusion & Recommendations

2.1 Theoretical framework

2.2 Previous research work

2.3 Company profile

2.4 Concepts related to the company

3.1 Study design

3.2 Data collection

3.3 Type of research

3.4 Sampling frams

3.5 Code of ethics

3.6 Limitation

4.1 Findings

4.2 Discussion

5.1 Conclusion

5.2 Recommendations



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