Safety Engineering

For our final discussion board I am soliciting feedback on the course.  Please address each of the following:1) what you enjoyed most about the course2) what you did enjoyed least about the course3) something you learned in the course that will be beneficial to you in your safety and health career4) whether the class met your expectations5) suggestions for how the course can be improved.Also, please leave apositive and/or upliftingmessage for one of your classmates as your response for this week’s discussion.ALSO PLEASE REPLY TO ANOTHER STUDENTS COMMENT BELOWGABRIEL:1) I really enjoyed everything in the course, but risk assessment was something I took a lot of because I use risk assessment on a daily basis on my current role.2) I have been working on my master for a while, and having to do the writing was probably the least part of this course.3) I took on how to conduct more in depth risk assessment. Risk assessment is a very big part of a safety professional career.4) Yes I love this course, and really enjoy all aspects of this course.5) Nothing, I know writing is a big part of any course, but maybe keeping writing to a minimum.

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