SEC 10K Project: Costco Balance Sheet

The company I have chosen for my SEC 10-K project is Costco.
Please see link below.…

SEC 10K Project: Balance Sheet

Respond to one or more question(s) from each of the three categories below.

Category: Stock Market

1. What was the closing price of your corporation’s stock on the first day of class and the day before you are posting this response?

2. What is Standard & Poor’s 500?

3. What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW)?

Category: Assets and LIabilities

1. What were total current assets?

2. What were total current liabilities?

3. What was total assets and total stockholder’s equity (deficit)?

Category: Analysis

1. Calculate the following ratios for the most recent year and comment on the results of your ratio analysis.

a. Current ratio

b. Quick ratio

c. Debt to assets

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