short Economics Answer

Choose one of your favorite businesses (small, medium or big). Then, write a short paper (two pages maximum). Focus on answering the following questions:

1) Is this business small, medium or large?

2) What industry and what sector is this business in?

3) Is the business B2B, B2C, B2G, or any combination of those three categories?

4) What kind of market structure (perfect competitive, monopoly, etc) is the business in?

5) What problem(s) does the business solve for its customers?

6) What are this business’s variable costs (list them)?

7) What are this business’s fixed costs (list them)?

8) What are the positive or negative externalities that the business creates for the society?

9) What are the economic contributions of this business to the society?

10) What do you like about this particular business?

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