–This document should be submitted in Microsoft Word, 2 PAGES TOTAL.  1.5 line spacing and Times New Roman 12.SCENARIO: Over the past few weeks, you have become more familiar with your staff and are beginning to feel like part of their family.  To that end, you have recently accepted some “friend requests” on Facebook from some of the staff.  You were at home last night, getting caught up on Facebook when you came across a post from one of the employees that said:” I hate my new boss at the clinic.  A power hungry jerk making too many changes and there are way too many rules.  It’s not fun to work there anymore.  I hope they don’t last, or I hope I find another job soon.  I do not know how much more of this I can take”!!You did not sleep well, to say the least, and now you need to decide what to do about this.  Some things to consider:Should you have accepted the friend request in the first place? Why or why not?Remember, you are not in a co-worker relationship with this person, you are in a supervisor-subordinate relationship.Should you remain friends on social media?Can we initiate disciplinary action on this employee?Based on this, the Board of Trustees wants us to establish a Social Medial Policy. Can we (by law) do this?  If so,  I need you to provide me with a draft Social Media Policy.

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