Super Bowl

The Super Bowl football game has also become the “super bowl” of advertising.

Advertisers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to run ONE AD during a sports event! Why? The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate why a company develops an IMC program that includes a Super Bowl investment. It requires you to use concepts from chapters 1-3 of your textbook, and at least three outside resources. Answer these questions for this assignment: 1.

Why are Super Bowl ads posted by advertisers before the event? Do some research here and cite it, don’t just use your opinion. 2. Why are they watched, shared and talked about—before and after the event? Do some research here and cite it, don’t just use your opinion. 3. Is there a relationship between the ads shown and the viewing audience (target market) of the Super Bowl? 4. Watch the advertising, either during the game itself or on YouTube. Which one is the most appealing to you (describe it)? Consider the message, what emotion(s) it makes you feel, and also how it makes you feel about the brand. Type your answers using single-spaced paragraphs, at least one page in length. ABSOLUTELY include your references either in MLA or APA format. Save the document: your last name_SB.docx. Submit it on Bb Learn before the due date.

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