Unit 4 : Individual Project Due 10.13.2021

Our planet is experiencing an increase in Desertification. This is happening because of our planet’s growing population and use of fossil fuels. In this assignment, you will learn about Desertification, and how it influences our lives and global community.For this assignment, you will be provided with two assignment choices.  You will select the one that you prefer, and complete the tasks listed for that choiceNameCourse NumberInstructor’s NameDue DateWhich choice have you selected?  _________InstructionsSelect one of the two choices below and address all the topics listed under your choice with information you will learn from the provided resource.  Above list the section you have chosen.You MUST paraphrase all content.  Paraphrasing meansputting all ideas in your own words.  Review these resources on paraphrasing before beginning this assignment.CTU Writing Center: Paraphrasing:https://careered.libguides.com/ctu/writing/paraphrase• Video: The right and wrong ways to paraphrase:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SObGEcok06UChoice1:DesertificationVisit the GreenFacts Initiative web-page on Desertification:https://www.greenfacts.org/en/desertification/index.htm#8This webpage has 9 different sections discussing various aspects of Desertification.  Using only this webpage, complete the following four activities putting your information directly in this document.1. Read through all nine sections.2. Select three sections, excluding sections 1 and 9, and summarize those sections in three separate paragraphs by paraphrasing the content.  Include the title of the section you are summarizing above each paragraph.Section Title:___________________________________________________Section Summary:Section Title:___________________________________________________Section Summary:Section Title:___________________________________________________Section Summary:3. Summarize section 9, the conclusion, in one paragraph.4. In one paragraph, discuss what you found most interesting in your chosen sections and how Desertification may impact your life.Choice2:Desertification and the SoilWatch this video, and address the following 4 topics.  Each response must be at least one paragraph in length.http://www.geographyalltheway.com/myp/myp-biomes/desertification.htm1. Describe soil and its roles in agriculture.  Address how long it takes for soil to form and the challenges of arid soil.2. Describe how human activities cause desertification includingdesertification’s impacts on soil and the role of modern agriculture in causing Desertification.2. Discuss who is impacted by desertification including which continents are impacted and the role of an increasing population.3. Describe at least two approaches to reduce the problem ofDesertification.4. Discuss what you found most interesting and how Desertification may impact your life.

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