Week 10 Assignment: Reflection Paper

Briefly reflect on your general education capstone experience and address the following questions:What are the key takeaways from this class that you will carry with you?What did it take to bring your paper and presentation together, and how has that experience shaped your professional outlook?What recommendations or advice would you provide for students who will take this capstone course in the future?Your paper should be 1/2–1 page in length. Adhere to APA Style throughout.This is a description of what the capstone course is about.* The capstone seminar is a culminating in-depth experience in which students formulate their integrated General Education learning experiences into a final oral and written research-based project, which comprehensively addresses a pressing issue in health care and advances a proposed defensible solution. The application of learned methods, concepts, and theories into the construction of this project serves as the culminating summative evaluation of General Education Program Learning Outcomes achievement following completion of the General Education courses.

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