Week 3 question 1 – 4

Study Questions — Gilgamesh (Part 1)

1. The values of a society are preserved and communicated through an epic like Gilgamesh. From what we have read so far, what are the values promoted in this story? Explain. Be sure to adequately define any central concepts. For example, if this society values beauty, describe what beauty means for them.

2. From the story of Gilgamesh we see that the people of this culture understood themselves to be living in a universe where mortals and gods both exist. Religious activity and interaction with the divine are a central part of life for them. Using the portion of the epic poem we have read so far as your source of information, describe some of the key features of their religion. In particular, explain the relationships that existed between people and their gods in this society.

3. Given the portion of the epic we have read so far, are Gilgamesh and Enkidu courageous? Are they virtuous? Explain.

4. The focus of the poem is clearly on male characters, but women play some key roles in the story. This helps us understand the culture of Gilgamesh, and the place of women within it. Given what we have read so far, explain the role and/or value of women within this culture of the ancient Near East.

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