Week 9 Discussion 2 Education Law Offenders

  • Offer additional resources for your colleague to consider and explain their significance.
  • Identify any gaps or flaws in your colleague’s research.

Respond to Stephen as if you’re having a conversation with him. A few sentences and a question.

Embracing Education in Redeeming the Lives of Law Offenders

It is practically impossible to have a method or a combination of ways, which are a hundred percent effective in deterring crime. Many of the people are pushed into crime by poverty, which may have been augmented by the low education level. In the USA, statistics from incarceration facilities indicate that 700, 000 people leave the federal and state prison every year and return to their homes as well as communities.

During their release, they only receive a few coins for their bus ticket home. Besides that, they also get their names into criminal records, which makes it difficult for them to find employment. Consequently, the recidivism rate has increased over the years, as the ex-prisoners are rarely equipped with skills for survival once they are released. Education can be used as a tool for enhancing ex-convict’s survival skills.

Undoubtedly, higher education is a critical driver of the economy of any nation. Most of the incarcerated individuals lack this important ingredient. The state and federal governments can invest more in providing higher education in the people in prisons. Diverse diploma and degree courses, which seem to have a crucial role in the country’s economic and social development.

For instance, Information communication technology (ICT) sector has become an important pillar of the economy. Funding for higher education should be availed for prisoners, by lifting the ban imposed on access to the Pell Grants. Nonetheless, a new framework should be developed for incorporating former inmates who have been released into the system with new skills as well as competencies (Mann & Juan, 2016). Doing so can be an effective way of reducing the recidivism rates in the long-term.


Mann H & Juan T. (2016). What Deters Crime? Comparing the Effectiveness of Legal, Social, and Internal Sanctions across Countries. Frontiers in Psychology, 7: 85.

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