What Were They Thinking?, assignment help


What Were They Thinking?

Read  “Brown’s 2007 article, “Money Aside, What Were They Thinking?,”  http://www.lexisnexis.com.library.capella.edu/lnacui2api/api/version1/getDocCui?lni=4RBJ-W5Y0-TW87-N0CY&csi=8075&hl=t&hv=t&hnsd=f&hns=t&hgn=t&oc=00240&perma=true


In your main post:

·  Discuss whether being socially responsible is impractical if crime pays. Use a summary of the main premise of the article to support your answer.

·  Analyze the motivation of the people highlighted in the article. Were their motivations any different from things we all see or face?

·  Identify the most likely psychological personality for this type of crime. Describe characteristics of the chosen psychological personality. Are there enough consistent characteristics exhibited by offenders to develop a disorder category?

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