Write a BLOG post for Studypool :)

Hi guys, I represent Studypool!

We’re looking for a writer to blog a post about how tutoring online can be a great source of income, and mention studypool as one of the options.

To iterate this will be an official blog post, posted on other websites. It should be written as a news/blog/article piece (not as a school assignment). Remember to be casual and personalize your writing.

Here are examples of blog posts that you should emulate:




We need someone with experience that has actually tutored with multiple platforms including Studypool in order to provide good insight. It should look something like this:


1. Must between 1200 to 1500 words.

2. You must write according to Blog niches like Making Money Online etc

3. Use of appropriate images if possible.

4. You must not promote oneself studypool, except in include it in the post as an option.

5.  Content must be unique, not copied from any source.

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