Writing For Media: Approximately 450 words


Think about an interesting or meaningful experience you’ve had—one that seems socially significant–that you would like to explore further, as exemplified in the readings for this unit. Begin by drafting a short personal anecdote detailing the experience, then consider and formulate the focus you want your story to have. Research the facts behind the experience by making and addressing socially relevant questions raised by your experience. You should incorporate historical data, conduct interviews (optional), and/or explore the cultural or political issues implicated in your personal essay.
The point is not to simply narrate your experience but explore it using fact-based research that uncovers a socially meaningful story within your personal narrative. Personalization will likely change your voice, tone, and style, but don’t forget that this is still journalistic writing and as such should adhere to AP style guidelines and demonstrate other techniques of writing for news media.

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Reference: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/735/02/

My experience:When I take bus, I find that every time if I try to get on it, I will complain about those people on the bus, why they keep so much place empty for their own comfort. However, if I got on the bus, then I may complain about those people who try to get on the bus and make the place so crowded. In the society, people try their best but still cannot get it, they will complain about those people who does not share. However, when people owned something, they may not share it.

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