You will write a short policy paper, a policy paper is made up of three main parts

First you will need to identify a current national issue (immigration, hunger, education, military, etc.) it can be any topic you wish, but make sure it is a topic you are concerned about. You will identify the issue, give a brief history and explain why it is currently an important issue. Second, you will then lay out a possible solution to the issue that the Federal Government may take. You must examine the cost, problems that may result from following your policy and explain the role each of the three branches will play in implementing it. Finally you will explain what the expected reasonable outcome will be and how soon you would expect results to be seen by the public.PAPER REQUIRMENTS:

  • 12 POINT FONT (TIMES New Roman) with 1 inch margins on all sides
  • 1.5 spacing no excessive space between paragraphs
  • Citation format is APA or Chicago format (paper itself does not need to follow APA format, just how work is cited)
  • You must use 3 legitimate academic resources, your textbook or my lectures do not count.
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